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The Best Men's Hair Wax?

February 22, 2019

The Best Men's Hair Wax?

Choosing which men's hairstyling wax (clay/paste/cream/putty/pomade etc.) can seem like a daunting task these days. With so many products available it's hard to know which is the best for your styling requirements, hair type and hair texture.

Even more frustratingly, there is no exact science when researching which one to choose which makes it more of a challenge. The good news is over the last decade; men's hair products have dramatically lifted their game. No longer do men reach for the dreaded tub of blue gel or have to use a hair wax that makes them look like you'd just been swimming.

An excellent way to be introduced to a new suitable styling product is to ask your barbers advice. Let them know what you are trying to achieve, the finish you desire, and they should be able to assist (unless they stock blue gel then run out of their barbershop like you've stolen something).

We have three very different 'hair wax' products in the Gents of London styling range, catering for most if not all hairstyling preferences. Let's start with our most popular to help you make an informed choice.

Carbon Clay.

matt finish - medium hold 3/5 - texture enhancing

Undoubtedly our best seller. The matt Carbon Clay is a fantastic product that creates lots of added texture and separation while providing a medium hold. From our years of research, most guys prefer a matt finishing a movable, not stronghold. But all that said this doesn't necessarily mean that Carbon Clay will be the perfect styling product for you! After something a little stronger for the weekend sir? Keep reading.

Design Paste.

matt finish - firm hold 4/5 - pliable hold

The new kid on the block! Since launching in 2016 Design Paste has a firmer, stronger hold, yet still movable and with a matt finish. We introduced this product after listening to our barbershop customers wants and needs - so thanks for your help gents! Want a stronger hold still? Keep reading.

Structure Cream. 

low shine - stronghold 5/5 - creates definition

You'll often read or hear 'like nothing you've ever tried before.' Well, in this instance it's true. Structure Cream has a unique consistency; it has a high viscosity (slightly sticky but in a good way) yet not greasy or wet looking. It has a subtle low shine, holds the hair exceptionally well but without setting like hairspray or gel.

The Gents of London Styling range are extremely versatile and accessible. We deliver straight to your home or workplace for FREE making it as easy as possible for you to keep looking good. Prices starting from just £7.99 and there is no risk! Unhappy with your purchase or the service received? No problem! You can get an exchange or refund.

Still not sure which product to order? Then get in touch, we are super happy to help.