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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Turns 50

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band turns 50 years old this week. It's hard to imagine a more iconic album, certainly one by a British band, probably ever. Following up an album like Revolver would be an intimidating task for other bands, but not for the Beatles. It's the ultimate collaboration of music, art, style and innovation. Recorded at the now-famous Abbey Road Studios in nearby St John's Wood London, so many stories surround the album that it's hard to imagine four guys sitting down and writing/recording songs that would eventually mean so much to so many people. Stories like how the album was inspired by The Beach Boys' album Pet Sounds, how they decided to stop touring, enabling them to be much more creative in the studio, and most interestingly of all, how the album cover is littered with clues to Paul McCartney's death (he apparently died in the mid-60s and the person we see now is a body double).

At Gents of London HQ we appreciate anything British culture-based. The Beatles tick that box. They're the original 'mop tops', with many clients still coming in with replica haircuts today. It just goes to show a cool haircut never goes out of fashion. Something that we at Gents of London HQ are very big advocates of.

Even the album cover is now a work of art in itself.

Listen to the full track by clicking here!

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